Parge-A-Rosa Dairy Goat Farm  About Us

When I was in the 6th grade, I dreamed of getting and raising chickens. My mom of course said "not in a million years".  Thankfully my grandfather, who we call Parge, did not need permission to build me a small chicken coop.  Much to my parent's surprise/dismay, I finagled some baby chicks from a friend.  And so began Parge-A-Rosa Farms.  Soon we were in the chicken business and needed a bigger coop.  Parge to the rescue again!!  
Now that I had my chickens going, I could FINALLY be active in 4-H showing poultry.  So we went over to the extension office and investigated showing poultry and egg judging, but naturally there were no groups in our area to participate in.  The 4-H agent said we shoudl try showing goats.  So here we go, back to Parge to build us a goat pen and that started the goat saga.  
I saved my money and bought 2 Nigerian Dwarfs from a another 4-H member.  The female, Daisy Dumb Butt, was WILD and the male was sweet.  But as you can guess we soon had baby goats!!!  The Nigerians were hard to handle, so I sold Daisy and her kids to upgrade our goat stock. 
  So after much experimentation, I have settled on Alpines and Lamanchas.  They are great breeds that have docile, sweet personalities, and give delicious milk. Now we make goat mild soap, sell our eggs and sell goat milk in order to fund the activites at the Parge-A-Rosa Farms.  Everyone pitches in to make this effort a success.
   I am now happily engaged in showing dairy goats with my county 4-H and the ADGA, where we have met great people.