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Herd Sires

Mohawk Farms Apache Wind *B
Dante is our Lamancha herd sire. He is very young in his pic and I hope to update it soon. Dante has a very wide frame. 
His pedigree: 
SIRE:CH *B Rockspring VL Desica Dartanion (LA: 86 VVV) SIRE'S SIRE: *B Rocksprings Dare Valerie Valour SIRE'S DAM: 4*M Rockspring MAV Desiree Desica (LA:90 EEEE)
DAM:3*M SGCH Rocky-Run fancy Pendant (LA: 90 VEEE) DAM'S SIRE:*B Lucky*Star's C Fancy Pants DAM'S DAM: 2*M GCH Rocky-Run Ebb's Heirloom (LA: 91 VEEE). 

                               Saroco-Farms AT Sumbkin Special 


The newest addition, Sumbkin! We bought Sum to improve the hieght in our Alpine. He is very flashy and wide as well. We also hope to show him! 

His pedigree: 

SIRE: Saroco-Farm SAL Aristocrat SIRE'S SIRE: Bayou Acres Meg's Siete V.I.P SIRE'S DAM: Saroco-Farm PL Annalisa DAM: GCH Saroco-farm AG Thumbkin DAM'S SIRE: Munchin'hill Axle Grease DAM'S DAM: Saroco-Farm PHT Thumbalina. 

  • Side view
    Side view
  • front view
    front view
  • top view
    top view
  • Dam's udder. She gives 2 Gallons a day
    Dam's udder. She gives 2 Gallons a day
  • dam