For Sale!

All of our kids have been sold for this season!

Sales policy. We will wean our babies at 3-4 months old. Then they will be for sale. They will come with papers, wormed, Disbudded, and,vaccinated, and for Alpines tattooed. We will offer a 10% discount to 4-H's. If you wish to be bottle feed we will sell kids at 2 weeks without being wormed, vaccinated, and tattoed.   They will be disbudded. 

Breeding Chart 

DAM                                 x       SIRE                              DATE BRED    DATE DUE     PRICE

Haystack Farm Royal Crysal X Saroco-Farm Sumbkin Special    9-3-12          2-5-13               ______

Saroco-Farm SYS Hannah X Saroco-Farm Sumbkin Special      11-18-12

Ducks for sale! 

Pair of Mascovy Ducks $25