Goat Milk Soap 

We make home made goat milk soap, which is made out of goat milk and other natural ingredients like olive oil, cocunut oil and sustainably sourced palm oil and oatmeal. We have a variety of fragrances. Most of our soap is a light tan to a dark brown.  We use lavender buds, coffee, and oatmeal as decorative toppings. We sell our soap in a few different stores including our local feed store and Conner Market.
Goat milk soap is very moisturizing and cleansing due to the fact that it has goat milk in it. Goat milk soap is also considered a specialty item. Please check our soap in the floral department of Hattiesburg's Corner Market stores, or email us for more information.
  • soap in the making!
    soap in the making!
  • the soap takes 4 weeks to cure!
    the soap takes 4 weeks to cure!
  • ready to sell soap!
    ready to sell soap!
  • Curing
  • making soap
    making soap
  • samples
  • samples
  • Honey comb soap!
    Honey comb soap!
soap in the making!
soap in the making!

Other Home Made Foods.

Here at Parge-A-Rosa Farms we have a good supply of fresh milk and eggs. With our milk we have made lots of different things.  We have experimented with yogurt, feta cheese, ricotta cheese and chevre.  We love our Goats milk ice cream the most out of everything. It is very creamy and rich in flavor. Everyone who has tried it loves it, after they get over the fact that it has goats milk.
We also make home made bread. We do not use store bought flour or sugar of any kind. We purchase it from organic websites. We mill our own flour so that we can make fresh bread and pasta.  The advantage of milled flower is that it keeps all it's natural vitamins and nutrients in it. Once it has set out for a day or so it will degrade and become rancid. The store bought flour is bleached and all of the nutrients are removed because they have short shelf life, which affects the nutritional value.